Malware detection, alerting and cleanup

Do your own search (please!), but this may help get you started.

Detection and alerting

Sucuri [MR]
We Watch your Website [M]
StopTheHacker [M]
Hackalert [M]
Hackalarm [M]
Trust Guard [SVC]
McAfee Secure [SVC]
SiteLock [SVC]

* S=scanning, V=verification, C=certification, M=monitoring+detection, R=removal, W=webapp monitoring





Web application monitoring

More complex analysis for web applications.

Keynote Red Alert [W]
Qualys [W]
IBM Internet Security Systems [all]


Chartbeat [traffic+analytics]

Cloud monitoring

We use CloudKick to manage our server cloud, watch its performace, and for some alerting.

Cloudkick [cloud server management and monitoring]