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CyberSpark is free and open source software

Our software is always free, and it’s all open source.

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Webmasters, please first read our information on monitoring and filters. You do not need any software to use those services. Then...

It’s all free and open source

We provide both external monitoring and internal tripwires+monitoring. This page describes our internal tools for PHP-based sites, including WordPress sites, of course.

Internal monitoring

From “inside” the server, one can see the code that creates a dynamic web site—a view we can’t get from the outside.

CyberSpark PHP script “tripwires” can spider your web document root (“docroot”) and examine PHP files, looking for PHP functions used in malware hacks. A tripwire can also watch for a number of other critical changes.

If your site has been compromised, there’s an extended edition of the tripwire script that can be used to repair PHP files—as long as the injected code is the same on each PHP file. To make repairs, you must have shell access to your server to run this PHP utility from the command line.

The CyberSpark tripwire (internal scanner)

To install any of these utilities, please download them from github, where you’ll always find the latest version.

Always get the tripwires and documentation from github. All you need is a web browser.

Get CyberSpark tripwires (actually, get all of our code) from github

When you’ve put a tripwire in place, you can notify us and we’ll add the correct URL to your list and you'll receive alerts if anything bad happens.

CyberSpark database alerts

The two most common attacks on free speech sites are the addition of PHP code to your files, and SQL-injection attacks against your database. We have a second tripwire, which is also installed as a PHP file on your server, so you can monitor your database.

Get CyberSpark tripwires from github

We actively support PHP version 5.

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