Cyberalerts for free speech and human rights

Free speech and freedom of the press are tightly bound on the Internet.

Sensing, Alerting, Analyzing, Visualizing

Cyberspark servers are constanting taking the pulse of free speech and human rights web sites, alerting responsible parties when problems arise. Our software analyzes each situation and we provide status dashboards that show site status at a glance.

Free Speech — Free Press

Any organization that exercises or defends free speech must have an online presence that is available 24/7 and free of malware.

But sites are constantly under attack, and sometimes attackers succeed in tearing down, or (perhaps more dangerously) “poisoning” a website with a drive-by downloader. And denial of service attacks slow down sites so they’re unusable.

Sample CyberSpark chart

Free Services

So we’ve developed a service that independently checks the websites of orgs that speak out on behalf of free speech—and alerts webmasters if anything unfortunate happens to the sites.

Free software

In addition to our free services, our software is available as free open source that can be used by orgs and individuals to scan and protect their own sites and services. [Fork it on github]

Hackers... Denial of service... Whatever... Webmasters can be alerted within a few minutes so they can take action and restore normal service.

The concept is simple. The need is critical.

We provide these services to nonprofits at no charge.

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